About us...

Antimony Brewing is a new brewpub located in Lenox, MA, bringing delicious craft beer and scratch cooking to the Berkshires.  

The name Antimony Brewing originated back in 2018 when we planned to build a brewery behind our current restaurant, named 51 Park Restaurant & Tavern.  The name Antimony was a play on the restaurant name and the owner's background in chemical engineering, as it has the atomic number 51.  

Antimony means "not alone" so it also becomes a great connection for the vision of the brewery as we strive to bring the community together to share good times over great beer.

Meet the wolves of Antimony.  Antimony was known as the "wolf of metals" as it devours all but gold, through its powerful chemical bonds.  The wolf is a pack animal that thrives in the company of others. 

We are a community space bringing together friends, old and new, to share good times and make memories over great craft beer and delicious food.

We believe that the best experiences in life are shared.  We look forward to sharing a pint with you. 


Hours of Operations:

Sunday - Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM

Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 11 PM